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Installation of Diamond CP-22E antenna at my house

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Today, I went to OneCommunication located at Shah Alam (near Shah Alam Stadium) to buy base antenna from Diamond which is CP-22E where it cost you just RM280. The reason I bought this antenna is because I'm going to pair it with my 2m transceiver for my APRS iGate project.

Assembling this antenna is very easy. Im already have 10feet aluminium pole so i just tied them together and put it on my roof top. And for the coax cable I used RG213 about 15m long.

Here is the specifications for this antenna:

  1. Aluminium 2 Meter (2)5/8 wave stacked verticles

  2. 144-148MHz

  3. 6.5dB gain

  4. pretuned less than 1.5:1