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FlightFeeder in Puncak Alam for flight tracking

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Last week, I've ordered 1 unit FlightFeeder from FlightAware for free after knowing this from my ham friend. And received this after 1 week. Very fast services and good job DHL. For those who don't know, FlightFeeder is a network ADS-B receiver. It receives ADS-B data directly from airplane transponders via a small antenna. FlightFeeder then makes the real-time data available on the local network to users and also sends it to FlightAware over the Internet.


FlightFeeder is compatible with virtually all existing ADS-B software packages like PlanePlotter and BaseStation. Users can connect to their FlightFeeder over their LAN to receive all data. Users can also choose to view flight data on the web site.

FlightFeeder is roughly the size of a can of soda and uses less power than a night light. There are no moving parts or temperature restrictions.

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