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APRS iGate with Raspberry Pi 3 and TNC-Pi

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I love things that related to programming and IT technical. Ya because of my background. So this time, I am thinking to built an APRS igate at my house at Puncak Alam. So I start doing some research about it and decided to give a try to built this using Raspberry Pi 3. So here is the list that I bought a few days ago:

  1. 2 unit of Raspberry Pi 3 (from RS Component RM168/unit)

  2. 1 unit Power Supply 5V for Raspberry Pi (from RS Component RM40)

  3. 1 unit of TNC-Pi (from 9M2TPT with exchange 1 Raspberry Pi 3)

  4. 1 unit of 7Inch HDMI LCD Touch Screen (from Lazada RM185)

  5. 1 unit of LCD Case Holder (from AliExpress RM15)

  6. Homebrew Data Cable FT-8900R (core material RM30)

  7. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (RM180)

  8. Micro SD Card 8GB (RM45)

(connecting to APRX thru

(7Inch HDMI Touch Screen LCD)

(Case for the LCD and also for the Raspberry Pi & TNC-Pi)