Life as Amirol Ahmad

Sr Software Developer, Rubyist, Geek Tech Entrepreneur, a husband and father of 1.
Amateur Radio Station with callsign 9M2ROL (Malaysia) & K2ROL (United State)

FlightFeeder in Puncak Alam for flight tracking

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Last week, I've ordered 1 unit FlightFeeder from FlightAware for free after knowing this from my ham friend. And received this after 1 week. Very fast services and good job DHL. For those who don't know, FlightFeeder is a network ADS-B receiver. It receives

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Visiting 9M2GET base station in Arau, Perlis

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Yesterday, 1st September 2017, I was heading back to my hometown in Pendang, Kedah for Aidul Adha Festival from Puncak Alam, Selangor. It's been a long time haven't been in Perlis, I think for almost 6 - 7 years. It's quie a long

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Installation of Diamond CP-22E antenna at my house

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Today, I went to OneCommunication located at Shah Alam (near Shah Alam Stadium) to buy base antenna from Diamond which is CP-22E where it cost you just RM280. The reason I bought this antenna is because I'm going to pair it with my

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Turbo Underboost - Proton Suprima S [Bad Day]

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Coming soon

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APRS iGate with Raspberry Pi 3 and TNC-Pi

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I love things that related to programming and IT technical. Ya because of my background. So this time, I am thinking to built an APRS igate at my house at Puncak Alam. So I start doing some research about it and decided to

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Gazden Antenna 7dB for 144MHz (2m)

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If you are HAM Radio Station and wanna visit Indonesia in future, don’t forget to get Gazden antenna, the powerful antenna from Indonesia. I’m also don’t miss to get this antenna during my last visit to Indonesia (June 2017). It’s powerful and the

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Meeting HAM Station from YB6 (Medan Indonesia)

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The day before my departure back to Kuala Lumpur, I’ve met with few local ham station in Medan which YB6IXJ, YB6VK, YB6UAX, YB6LBH, YB6ODD, YB6SAY, and YB7DYY. Great discussion and looking forward to meet you guys again in future. They are very friendly

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Meeting YB6DE Dr Eddy from Kota Langsa

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This evening, 26th June 2017, I had this opportunity to visit the most well-known DXer from YB6 land from Indonesia, Om Dr. Eddy - YB6DE located in Kota Langsa. It’s actually not really far from my mother-in-law’s house. Visit his

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Got my YB6/K2ROL for visiting Indonesia

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I will be going back to Medan, Indonesia for this incoming Eid from 22th June till 01 July 2017. Here is my wife's place of birth and we'll celebriting this Eid with family here. So, while I'm here, why not just apply YB

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The Worst Services from GDex Malaysia

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Nowadays, people love to buy things through online system because of you don't have to waste time to go to the shop, check the price one by one (imagine if it is a shopping mall), you gonna spend couple hour just to find the

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